A Sculpted Edge Takes Shape

Over the weekend we had a chance to begin the most unique part of this commission… the sculpted edge of the table top.   The first step is to flip the top over so that we can actually work the top surface and edge of the table.  We estimate the glued up portion of the top weighs between 175 – 200 lbs.

Next the ends are roughed out to form a slight radius.  This was accomplished by the use of a hand held sabre saw.  (the scrap piece is sitting on the top)

After roughing out the ends, a hand plane and a couple of sanders are employed in “fairing” the edge of the curve.  Getting it to look and feel very smooth.  This detail to the ends provides a stark contrast to the free-flowing and rough-hewn feel of the long edges of the table.

Here Remmert Studios Owner and artisan Steve Remmert steps in and begins the process of giving shape to the sculpted edges of the table.

The finished detail for the edge of the table was an inspiration by our own Austin Glidewell.  Below is a shot of Austin completing the detail for the edge.


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