Custom Furnishings – Inspired Design

Remmert Studios specializes in the design and fabrication of custom furnishings. Over the years, the studio has built an outstanding reputation for its fine liturgical furniture and appointments.

Owned and operated by Steve Remmert is located in Illinois.  Furnishings and appointments produced by Remmert studios can be found in homes, businesses and churches both nationally and throughout the Midwest. 

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We offer a full range of design services for clients whether it be for individual pieces or an entire set of furnishings and artwork.  Ideas are communicated using tools such as 3D renderings, slide show presentations, full-sized mockups and sample boards.



After the designs are complete, projects are built in our furniture studio.  The artisans are skilled in a wide variety of disciplines and are capable of creating anything that can be made from wood.  This is important since it permits our designer to generate ideas freely without any need to search for the talent to craft the furnishings.



From historical to contemporary, to something as simple as a textured surface, carvings are a frequent feature of many Remmert Studios furnishings.  To the right can be seen a hand-textured tabernacle with intarsia, a gothic ambry and a holy water font built using the Wendell Castle method.


Faux Painting

The method of using paints to mimic stone and other materials has been utilized for centuries in houses of worship.  Whether the goal is to match existing church furniture or simply to create stunning new designs, artisans at Remmert Studios employ these time-honored techniques in their work.


Finish Matching

Oftentimes, our new furnishings need to have the exact same color as the original furnishings.  We have expertise in a wide variety of finishing methods and can duplicate nearly any existing wood finish.


Mixed Media

Though wood is our primary medium we also utilize other materials.  Bronze, glass, granite, Corian and gold leaf are just a few of the materials used.



Doing curved work often requires more than a saw to accomplish.  The continuous grain of a bent wood part is highly attractive and the strength of a glued laminate arch is superior to that of a sawn curve.