Building the Illusion of Thickness

After having glued up the top, it is time to begin building the edge.  Ben & Katie helped us to arrive at a very unique edge treatment for the table top.  Initially when we began the design process,  they expressed liking the look of a large slab of wood with a natural edge, and they also liked the idea of and edge that spoke of “rough hand-hewn beams”.  We combined the two ideas for the final concept.

Because we are working with 1″ thick planks of walnut, we will have to glue pieces together in order to give the edge a “thick” look.  It will also need to be wide enough to allow for the sculpting of the simulated “raw edge”  Below the mocked up edge detail is used to begin the layout on the table top.

Next Jacob begins the process of flattening the surface with the aid of 19th century technology…there is nothing like the sound of a properly tuned hand plane!

When the surface is flat, the process of  gluing up the edge begins.  Here Austin custom fits small blocks of end grain for the ends of the table

Many clamps are necessary for today’s work…by the end of the day most of the studio clamps will be on deck.

Here more clamps stand at attention as the long rails for the table edges are glued and clamped in place.  These pieces will soon be sculpted to take on the appearance of an undulating ribbon.

By days end, the clamps are removed and the final pieces are fitted into place.  The clamps have been removed…. and it is time to get Austin to start cleaning the shop.




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