Cenacle Chapel Furniture Assembly – “We are Many Parts”

As we pass the mid-way point in May, many of the pieces of custom church furniture for the Cenacle Sisters of Ronkonkoma NY are starting to take shape.  This week I was reminded of a favorite Liturgical Hymn composed by Marty Haugen, “We are many parts, we are all one body”.  As I survey the studio, it is gratifying to watch all of the “many parts” being assembled into the “one body”.  I find this particularly meaningful in the design of the Altar.  The Altar mensa is composed of several pieces all coming together to form a circle (actually oval).  A beautiful and efficacious representation of our coming together as the Body of Christ.  In the picture below master craftsman and Remmert Studios employee Jacob Aune prepares the 80 pieces that will form the Altar mensa apron.

Many parts being assembled for Altar

Many of the pieces of church furniture for the new Cenacle chapel incorporate many circular forms.  In the photos below Jacob uses the “hot pipe” method for bending small strips of cherry wood into round shapes.  Strips of cherry are soaked in water and then gently wrapped around a steel pipe that is heated by a propane torch.  The heat from the pipe loosens the wood fibers enough to become somewhat flexible.  The wood then is clamped to a form until it cools and dries.

Bending wood for circular details of chapel furnishings

Completing a bend

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