Church Furnishing Projects – Funding Tips From 12 Great Sites

read tips to raise money for church furniture projects

Commissioning a new suite of custom church furniture or an individual liturgical piece, is not an inexpensive adventure.  Custom furnishings are designed to meet the specific needs of the worshiping community and  last for many decades, or generations, and thus have more value than mass produced furniture that is made solely for the budget conscious.  Recently, I did some research on the web to collect a few new ideas to help communities brainstorm some new ways to raise necessary funding for new liturgical furniture.  Here are 12 site that look promising:

Fundraising Tips @

Donations and Fundraisers for Your Church @

Church Community Fundraising @

Successful Church Fundraisers @

Church Fundraiser Ideas @

Church Fund Raising @

Fundraising Ideas for Churches @

Church Fundraising @

Fundraising Ideas @

Church Fundraising Ideas @

Church Fundraising Ideas @

Ideas for Churches to Make Money @

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