Curvalinear Legs….A Partnership of Form & Function

For the past few days our efforts have focused on the fabrication of the table legs and arched supports.  The graceful lines of the legs and support are the perfect marriage of form and function.  The finished leg assembly seems very simple with its clean lines, however the picture story board below recounts the many steps involved in evolution of the legs and supports.

Roughing out the general shape of the legs and arches is the starting point.  Below Austin and Jacob carefully guide the bulky walnut blanks through the bandsaw.


Next Jacob lays out the finished line of the curves.


Then a hand held router and a template are used to shape the legs and arches to finished dimensions.

The completed pieces start to accumulate as the lengthy process of routing continues…..

Now as all of the leg and arch pieces have been machined to exact size they are dry fit together in order to layout the mortise and tenon joints that will make the two pieces one.

The floating tenons are cut into the end of the arch….

And the mortises are on the lower face of the leg.  Here PVA glue is applied to the mortises.

The two pieces are clamped together and allowed to dry.

Now the completed leg and arch assembly awaits hardware and installation to the rest of the table.  As I complete this blog post, I hear the machines running in the background completing the final stage of the fabrication…stay tuned for the component that holds it all together….the torsion box.



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