Altar and Ambo for Cenacle Begin To Take Shape

Work continues on the new Altar and Ambo.  Yesterday saw several new developments come together.  The Altar and Ambo legs were rough cut out and dry fit together.  Here we begin to see some of the final shape starting to reveal itself.  The smell of the fresh cut cherry wood in the studio has an almost incense quality about it.   It is one of my most favorite woods to use because of its aromatic properties.  The spring tulips are in full bloom here, and I could not help but notice how much the Altar too looks like one of our new tulips beginning to unfurl.

Roughed out Altar legs

Ambo legs come together

To get a better sense of what the finished Altar and Ambo will look like when they are completed I am including a short screen shot of the concepts and some of the working drawings to help visualize the piece.  The chapel design committee spent many months collaborating on the final designs.  It is now quite exciting watching these very special and unique custom designs coming to life.


In the video below several veneered panels are being pressed.  These will be cut into circles and ovals afterwards to form the surfaces of the tops and bases of several pieces of furniture.

Below is a shot of one of the working drawings for the Altar.  It shows the exploded view of all the pieces that will need to be fabricated and glued up to complete the finished piece

Exploded view of the Altar

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