Custom Ambry Incorporates Steam-Bent Walnut

Work has commenced on an Ambry for the newly dedicated Immaculate Conception Parish in Morris IL.  This is the final piece of a larger ensemble of liturgical furnishings that was installed in October.  During the first week of November we selected premium pieces of stock from a stash of locally harvested black walnut.  Due to the semi circular design of the top of the Ambry, it was decided that the body of the piece would be steam-bent.  This is a labor intensive process that includes, making special bending jigs, steaming wood, and over 2 weeks of drying time.  To view part of this process view the video below.

After the wood is bent around the jig it is clamped in securely and left to dry for two weeks

 Steam Bending Form for Morris Ambry

The Immaculate Conception Parish Ambry

 Ambry Concept for a Church in Morris, Illinois

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