Custom Dining Table Enters Fabrication Phase

We are very excited to begin the fabrication stage of a great new residential commission.  In an earlier post we introduced design concepts for a new custom dining table.  The table will be constructed of solid black walnut.  The top will be constructed from wide planks of walnut given to out client by a family friend.  The walnut for the legs was procured from a monastery in Missouri.  Below, Remmert Studios associate, Austin Glidewell, begins the all important process of selecting the proper pieces for there placement in the legs.  Grain pattern, color and material optimization are key in this process.

Below is a shot of the walnut planks that have been laid out prior to rough cutting stage.

After the rough stock has been laid out, all of the pieces are cut to approximate size and then stacked to dry.  It is important for the wood moisture content to equalize to the same moisture content of the studio to minimize warping and other wood defects.

Below is a special sample that was made for our clients.  They were looking for something that simulated both a natural edge, and rough-hewn beam.  They visited the studio yesterday and were pleased with this result.  The finish will be a linseed oil with a walnut stain mix, sealed with a shellac and then top coated with a precatalyzed lacquer.





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