Design Process

  • Onsite, phone and internet consultations for the customer’s convenience.
  • Personalized approach.  Each job is driven by the client’s vision or needs.
  • Detailed 3D drawings, scale models and full-sized mockups are presented as needed to ensure the designs are pleasing to the client.
  • Attention to the existing environment.  The new liturgical furnishings will harmonize with the surrounding space.

The Remmert Studio Design Process

Our design process begins with meeting with clients and listening to their needs to establish an understanding of the overall scope of the project.  As we gather information about the desired outcome of the project. Clients are encouraged to ask questions and provide their ideas.  Back at the studio, we synthesize the information gathered at the first meeting.  Initial design concepts are developed for presentation.

The concepts are reviewed by clients and revisions and refinements are made based upon their feedback.  When appropriate, scale models and full-sized mockups are used to communicate with the larger community.  This process allows us to work intimately with the client to to fine tune the dimensions and details of the work to be produced.

Generating ideas and fine tuning the concepts may require many hours, but it ensures that the design fully incorporates the vision of the client and harmonizes with the liturgical environment.  Communication and collaboration are central to this process, which results in finished pieces that clients are proud to call “their own”