Four Boards for a Top… Become One

Today saw the coming together of the boards that will make up the top of the table.  The solid walnut boards were given to Ben & Katie by a close personal friend.  They like the expressive grain, and the knots that randomly dot the surface of these board that will make this table top very distinctive and visually interesting.  Below Remmert Studios associate Austin Glidewell inspects the edges of the board after cutting them in order to remove the rough edge.

Next the boards are given some added reinforcement.  Below, Remmert Studios master craftsman Jacob Aune, uses a Festool Domino Joiner to cut special mortise joints that will accept corresponding hardwood tenons.

After the “domino joints” are cut the tenons are fitted and tested.  All of the boards are assembled prior to the application of any glue in a process known as a “dry fit”

Next the boards are glued together.  However, because of the width of the top (66 inches), the four boards that make up the top will be glued together in stages.

After the boards have been allowed to dry for several hours, the hardened excess glue is scraped off.  Austin affectionately refers to this as “grunt work”

Finally, both halves are glued and clamped together.  Again, after several hours clamp/dry time…the clamps are removed and a large table top blank emerges.

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