Pictures of the Consolata Tabernacle Under Construction

Recently Remmert Studios completed a commission of chapel furnishings for the Consolata Missionary Sisters of Belmont MI.  We collaborated with the sisters to design a very custom tabernacle which is meant to symbolize some of the

characteristics of their order.  So…what does it take to create a hand-crafted tabernacle?  The slide show below offer a glimpse into what goes on inside the studio.

Everything starts as rough lumber, in this case cherry, and is then surfaced into flat boards.  They are then cut and glued into rough blanks for sawing out.  Much of the profile is done by hand-shaping.

Some pieces with intricate parts may require several dry fits prior to final assembly.   A scale model was made during the design process.  A comparison between it and the real piece shows just how accurately the model portrayed the design.

To see more pictures of this commission click here.


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